Gillis Lodge

I met Ajay in 2018 through a mutual friend who indicated the need for more housing in the Belfast area. Ajay was a new immigrant to Canada and eager to establish a business on PEI. Ajay was very knowledgeable in setting up a business, establishing connections with bureaucrats who issued permits. He was able to get some woodland rezoned for commercial use. Ajay worked with lawyers, accountants, architects, engineers, contractors, trades personnel, etc.
Ajay interviewed and researched each of the sub trades to ensure top quality workmanship as well as knowledge of the National Building Code. As well, Ajay took care of all the small issues that arose.
When construction started, Ajay carefully worked to ensure top quality workmanship while exercising budget constraints. The project came in ahead of schedule at a time when Covid 19 influenced all work places.
I found Ajay extremely honest with huge integrity. I have been extremely satisfied with Ajay and would be very fortunate to have him do another project.


  • H. Douglas Mackenzie R.,

    Owner / Operator

    H. Douglas Mackenzie R.