VK Building Services

It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for Ajay Mathew Punnapadam a great businessman with drive for excellence, extremely hard working , dedicated , with high integrity and above all a very honest and upright man. I have known him since 2011 and we have a few real estate transactions together and all were absolutely flawless , the last one was just 5 days before he left for Canada that we bought his 15 unit apartment complex that I am a proud owner of to this day. I would also like to make a mention of an example of his honesty here… he sent his man back to pay me 2 days of rent from the building which he had collected while I was the owner on paper, this was something that even accountants and lawyers had overlooked and I wouldn’t have expected to receive. I am very proud to have a business associate like him and wish him the very best.

  • L Vivekananda,

    L Vivekananda